Day 4.

4 04 2009

Procrastinator’s journal. April 4th, 2009:

There is still pain everytime i take a step. Even the slightest hint of movement sends a bone-chilling sensation up my spine. It is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I have contemplated on taking narcotics to alleviate my suffering a bit, but I know it is only a temporary solution. Besides, I’ve never been known to depend on them for anything.

It’s been four days and i feel like I am going to lose my sanity anytime. The suffering is becoming too big of a burden to carry. I wonder: would I be the first one to break? 

File PhotoFig. 1.1 The skin around my ankle is slowly becoming discolored.


I must find a way to vanquish this evil nesting inside me before it consumes me.

End log.




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29 04 2009
Mental Diarrhea. « The Procrastinator Speaks

[…] My sprain is healing pretty nicely. I’ve been able to play ball for the past few days without any discernible negative after-effects. […]

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