The One Where I Whine About Mundane Stuff.

19 04 2009

It’s the weekend, and I have the flu. Seems all I ever do is get sick nowadays. The ankle sprain that’s taking forever to heal, My constant bouts with gastrointestinal complications, and these sudden fever shoot-ups all conspire to remind me that I am not as young nor as healthy as I want to be.

I remember a coupla weeks ago, when I went to my uncle (he’s a doctor) to have my ankle checked. He asked me why I took so long to consult with him.

“Well in the past whenever I would get sprains, I’d just shrug it off and rest for a few days.”, I declared almost nonchalantly.

“Yes, but it’s your first time getting a sprain at this age. How old are you? 29 right?”, he replied almost immediately.

It kinda sucked that he had to bring that up, really.




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