Space. The Final Frontier. Or Something.

13 05 2009

Okay, i’m not the biggest Trekkie around but I have to admit, the movie did rock. It made me want to do some digging to familiarize myself more with the Star Trek universe. Karen loved it too in fact, which was quite a surprise since she really doesn’t know anything about it. 😀

So without much further ado…  Top 10 Reasons How You Know You’re On A Star Trek High!


10. You kept expecting Spock to start cutting open heads. When he din’t, you exclaimed excitedly “OMG. He’s a changed man!”

9. You kept pushing that nagging X-Men-time-anomaly-dime-a-dozen-storyline feeling on the pit of your stomach far, far down your colon.

8. You saw, clear as day, that Spock had a bad wig and prosthetic job yet you rationalized it by saying “It’s the future. Everything is supposed to look fake and plastic-y.”

7. That green-skinned woman Kirk was making out with. See #8.

6.Even though you really, REALLY hate Eric Bana for his role in the bastardization of the first “Hulk” movie, you silently applauded him for his role as Nero.

SpockandKirk“Dude, that is definitely NOT a girl.”

5. In the middle of the movie you hurried to the bathroom to take a leak, after which you kept shouting “BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY!” over and over in your hurry to get back to your seat for fear that you might  miss something important.

4. You din’t want to kill that stupid, irritating Chekov kid. (Nice save though.)

3. You’ve already imagined a part two scenario seconds after the credits started to roll.

2. LEONARD NIMOY! How could you not be on a high?! Are you CRAZY?!

—aaaand the number one reason how you know you’re on a Star Trek high—-





2 responses

13 05 2009

Mkay, so it’s good. Mebbe later I watch it, k?

13 05 2009

hahaha!:D naaliw nga din ako e!:D

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