Farewell, Michael. Thank You For The Music.

8 07 2009

Heal The World

Once upon a time, I had a grade school teacher who believed I could ~actually~ sing.

This was one of the many instances she made me perform on stage. This was when I was in Grade 6 and I din’t know any better. Guess what song I was belting out? Michael Jackson’s “Heal The World”, that’s what. I remember almost not going through with this, just because I din’t have a hat which would have completed my kick-ass costume. Rockstar  complex much?

(This came about after I saw some snippets of the MJ tribute online this morning. I remembered I had this old picture in an album somewhere in my room.)




9 responses

8 07 2009

oh boy.

8 07 2009

Oh is that you??? huwaw…

8 07 2009


8 07 2009

You look like you’re about to cry. lulz

8 07 2009

ikaw yan?! OMG! lols!:D

8 07 2009

What Baddie said.

8 07 2009

Baddie and Ade: You’d cry too if you were forced to dress up like that and sing in front of a crowd.

Also, I HATE you guys. 😦

21 07 2009

Heal The World?


9 08 2009

oh wow this was a long time ago. i was the one wearing a white dress. hehehe

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