Space. The Final Frontier. Or Something.

13 05 2009

Okay, i’m not the biggest Trekkie around but I have to admit, the movie did rock. It made me want to do some digging to familiarize myself more with the Star Trek universe. Karen loved it too in fact, which was quite a surprise since she really doesn’t know anything about it. 😀

So without much further ado…  Top 10 Reasons How You Know You’re On A Star Trek High!


10. You kept expecting Spock to start cutting open heads. When he din’t, you exclaimed excitedly “OMG. He’s a changed man!”

9. You kept pushing that nagging X-Men-time-anomaly-dime-a-dozen-storyline feeling on the pit of your stomach far, far down your colon.

8. You saw, clear as day, that Spock had a bad wig and prosthetic job yet you rationalized it by saying “It’s the future. Everything is supposed to look fake and plastic-y.”

7. That green-skinned woman Kirk was making out with. See #8.

6.Even though you really, REALLY hate Eric Bana for his role in the bastardization of the first “Hulk” movie, you silently applauded him for his role as Nero.

SpockandKirk“Dude, that is definitely NOT a girl.”

5. In the middle of the movie you hurried to the bathroom to take a leak, after which you kept shouting “BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY!” over and over in your hurry to get back to your seat for fear that you might  miss something important.

4. You din’t want to kill that stupid, irritating Chekov kid. (Nice save though.)

3. You’ve already imagined a part two scenario seconds after the credits started to roll.

2. LEONARD NIMOY! How could you not be on a high?! Are you CRAZY?!

—aaaand the number one reason how you know you’re on a Star Trek high—-



Mental Diarrhea.

29 04 2009
  • I’ve been Twittering a lot again lately. I find it therapeutic to just throw things out there and not get any stupid responses in return (and yes Plurk, I’m looking at you.)
  • My sprain is healing pretty nicely. I’ve been able to play ball for the past few days without any discernible negative after-effects.
  • The Labor Day weekend is fast approaching and I still don’t have any concrete plans with Karen. I dunno why I seem to shrink away from planning out-of-town trips. I find them rattling.
  • I wanna watch gigs by Kjwan, Up Dharma Down, Urbandub and Franco. Hullo Saguijo calendar.
  • How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory give me a lotta LOLs.
  • Speaking of TV Series, Dollhouse is good, Fringe is awesome, and the Heroes finale was a (to quote a friend) HOLY SHITBALLS WHAT A MOTHERFUCKEN ENDING. It was THAT awesome.
  • Olivia Munn is the hottest woman on the planet. True story.
  • This swine flu scare is starting to get to me, seriously. I told my lola to stop buying pork for the meantime even though I know there isn’t any real danger here in the Philippines yet. Crazy, I know.
  • I need a new phone. I’m still trying to decide between a Nokia E63 or an iPhone 3G.

That about wraps it up for today. Man I seriously need a new hobby. Or better writing skills. Whichever comes first.

My Brutes Can Kick Your Brutes’ Asses.

20 04 2009

Idle days are here again.

Let me just go on record that I don’t mind the break. I work in an industry that demands a lot of time and patience from employees that any respite from crazy deadlines and fickle clients is a welcome respite. Sadly, aside from Plurk and Twitter and watching the occasional downloaded TV series or movies I seem to be at a loss for activities to do in the office while waiting for the job orders to arrive. Fortunately, I stumbled upon one sure-fire time-waster a few weeks ago: My Brute.My Brutes

The game is fairly simple: you make a brute, and have him/her fight other brutes online, collecting weapons, pets and special attacks along the way. The battles itself are automatic so you don’t have to worry about complicated controls. Just pick an opponent and watch the 2-D carnage begin!

Oh and just in case you wanna try it out, click HERE to become my pupil.

See ya in the arena!

The One Where I Whine About Mundane Stuff.

19 04 2009

It’s the weekend, and I have the flu. Seems all I ever do is get sick nowadays. The ankle sprain that’s taking forever to heal, My constant bouts with gastrointestinal complications, and these sudden fever shoot-ups all conspire to remind me that I am not as young nor as healthy as I want to be.

I remember a coupla weeks ago, when I went to my uncle (he’s a doctor) to have my ankle checked. He asked me why I took so long to consult with him.

“Well in the past whenever I would get sprains, I’d just shrug it off and rest for a few days.”, I declared almost nonchalantly.

“Yes, but it’s your first time getting a sprain at this age. How old are you? 29 right?”, he replied almost immediately.

It kinda sucked that he had to bring that up, really.

The One About TV Shows.

7 04 2009

I’ve always been a couch potato ever since I was a kid. I’ve seen the amazing work of “Doogie Howser, M.D.”, seen unbelievable feats in “Macgyver”, laughed with the silliness of “Perfect Strangers”, and been touched by “The Wonder Years”. As I grew older, I watched young Clark’s exploits in “Smallville”, experienced Bauer’s awesomeness in “24”, and contemplated got scared of being a prison bitch in “Prison Break”. Nothing much has changed since then, only the shows i follow.

In this entry, I shall attempt to explain as best as i can what they are all about, in the hopes of convincing you to pick them up as well.

Here are some of them, in no particular order:

SylarHeroes, Season 3 Volume 2: After the events set in motion in Season 3 Volume 1, the heroes are now on the run. A branch of the government led by Natahan Petrelli is rounding up everyone with abilities and holding them captive in a bid to stop the supposed threat posed by the superpowered beings to the safety of the rest of the human populace.

I must admit, my interest in “Heroes” has waned since it first came out. The series started out okay with the 1st season (albeit that lame-ass ending), went terribly wrong with the 2nd season (Writer’s strike) and pretty much just floated along with the 1st volume of the 3rd season. Following the series has become more of a habit for me, rather than me having a genuine interest on it. Fortunately, the current storyline has been pretty solid so far, but not spectacular. I’m really interested to see how all of the character’s stories will pan out (especially Sylar who’s back to being his badass self). Just please, don’t give us another weak finish.

Echo, or CarolineDollhouse, Season 1: Imagine a place which houses a group of people who can be tailor-made and programmed to fulfill your wildest fantasies up to the very last detail, for a price. You won’t have to worry about anyone finding out because after the said engagement these “dolls” are wiped clean of their memories, erasing any trace of contact with you and your activities. Such is the premise of “Dollhouse”.

Sad to say, I wasn’t really a Joss Whedon follower before this series. The only semblance of familiarity i had with his works were the occasional “Buffy” episodes i saw due to lack of anything better on TV, and that “Astonishing X-Men” run he did a few years ago (which was awesome, by the by) so I am not going to attempt a comparison between them. What I do know though is that the series, after starting kinda slow has picked up considerably with the last 4 episodes that showed. Who is Alpha? What sinister purpose does the Dollhouse really serve? What’s Eliza Dushku’s (Echo, the lead character) cup size? These are the questions I’m dying to find out.

Peter and OliviaFringe, Season 1: The series follows the exploits of an FBI agent as she struggles to investigate and explain weird occurrences that fall under the category of fringe science (genetic mutation, teleportation, nanotechnology, etc.) that are connected to a larger, more sinister plot.

This series has it all: drama, action, and that gut-wrenching whodunit aspect that makes for a great show. While not entirely geeky, the principles used in every episode are deeply rooted to actual scientific facts, making for “believable” plots that leave you hanging on each word, each scene. Anna Torv is adorable as the FBI agent whose life is turned upside-down when she encounters these strange happenings. Providing ample support are John Noble as the difficult but amusing scientist who helps her crack the cases, and Joshua Jackson as Noble’s son.

Laser tag with BarneyHow I Met Your Mother, Season 4: This is the story of Ted and his attempts to explain to his kids the story of how he met their mother with funny, but heartwarming anecdotes.

If you don’t know this series by now, then you must have been abducted by aliens years ago and taken to a planet called “Humorless” and unceremoniously dumped back to Earth after a series of failed anal probes. Neil Patrick Harris as the legen– wait for it– dary Barney Stinson is reason enough to watch this one.

Penny and SheldonThe Big Bang Theory, Season 2: Two geeks living in an apartment have more to worry about than just physics when a hot blonde moves into their building, across the hall from their place.

I admit, this series makes more scientific references than my puny brain could ever hope to fathom but man, it is hella funny. The interaction between the characters are so hilarious that i find myself laughing at every scene. Dr. Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) is tied with Barney Stinson as my favorite character from a sitcom as of the moment.

Mason and ConnerTrust Me, Season 1: The series attempts to chronicle the things that happen inside an advertising agency and takes a look at the lives of the people that work within it.

I din’t really know about this series up until a month ago, when Karen insisted on giving me a few episodes one night. A few days later, I was thanking her for her initiative. The show may be so-so to some, but for people who work in the industry like me, it’s friggin’ AWESOME. The setting, the day-to-day happenings, even the smallest details are there. Conner (played by Tom Cavanagh) gets special mention as the out-of-control copywriter who comes up with the craziest ideas ever.

So far, these shows have been occupying most of my free time nowadays but I’m always on the lookout for more stuff to follow (Dexter, Chuck, Lie To Me come to mind) so if you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment. 😀

Day 4.

4 04 2009

Procrastinator’s journal. April 4th, 2009:

There is still pain everytime i take a step. Even the slightest hint of movement sends a bone-chilling sensation up my spine. It is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I have contemplated on taking narcotics to alleviate my suffering a bit, but I know it is only a temporary solution. Besides, I’ve never been known to depend on them for anything.

It’s been four days and i feel like I am going to lose my sanity anytime. The suffering is becoming too big of a burden to carry. I wonder: would I be the first one to break? 

File PhotoFig. 1.1 The skin around my ankle is slowly becoming discolored.


I must find a way to vanquish this evil nesting inside me before it consumes me.

End log.

Of Making Decisions.

2 04 2009

People tend to do stupid things once in a while. It’s part of our nature as curious beings. Whether deliberate or not, some choices ultimately end up exploding in our faces. Sad fact is, we don’t realize just how wrong we are until it’s too late, when we are way out the plank and about to jump into shark-infested waters.

I am no different.

With me though, I just tend to wish the sea wouldn’t be that cold after I jump off the plank, or I hope against hope that the sharks wouldn’t be that hungry when I hit the water.