The Lady In Yellow.

5 08 2009

Madam President Cory Aquino

Today the country pays its last respects to one of the most loved Filipinos that ever lived: The mother of Philippine democracy, President Corazon Aquino.

Thank you for everything that you stood for, thank you for everything you symbolize. In life and even in death, you have united a nation that sorely needs direction. I pray that the fire of unity that currently burns in the hearts of (most) Filipinos today will continue and help drive us to a better future.

Kaye, Daddy and me

My sister, my dad and me circa 1983, after Ninoy’s assassination.

Paalam, Madam Cory.


Of Making Decisions.

2 04 2009

People tend to do stupid things once in a while. It’s part of our nature as curious beings. Whether deliberate or not, some choices ultimately end up exploding in our faces. Sad fact is, we don’t realize just how wrong we are until it’s too late, when we are way out the plank and about to jump into shark-infested waters.

I am no different.

With me though, I just tend to wish the sea wouldn’t be that cold after I jump off the plank, or I hope against hope that the sharks wouldn’t be that hungry when I hit the water.