14 08 2009

It’s not fun when you have internal office meetings that discuss (constructively, of course) all its employee’s faults and shortcomings. Worse if that said “nitpickings” force you to make a mental checklist of the things discussed. The worst is when you end up checking ALL THE ITEMS on the nitpick checklist because you know they’re TRUE.

Man, I wish the ground could swallow me whole right now.


A Letter Of Apology To Mr. Alec Baldwin

22 05 2009

Dear Mr. Baldwin,


I am aware of the current  issue regarding you and your supposed  “insult” about Philippine mail-order brides which aired on  Letterman last May 12.  I wasn’t able to watch the said interview so I  searched for it on YouTube and after watching I think I can safely  assume  your comment was said in jest. Moreover, I believe it was more a tirade on  YOUR end than US Filipinos. Yes, you read that right. I am Filipino and  let me assure you that the humor of that statement wasn’t lost on me and  surely, most of my countrymen.

See Mr. Baldwin, I live in a country that exhibits the concept of misplaced  nationalism more often than not. I live in a country full of hypocrites,  people who lash out at foreigners when they make comments of the same  nature as yours yet take great delight in bashing each other. We cry in a collective outrage with every single insult thrown our way because although we know we suck as a country, we don’t want anyone rubbing it in least of all foreigners. Our politicians waste their time worrying about stupid sex scandals rather than the more pressing, more important matters that need attention for this country’s betterment. Strange isn’t? Don’t bother trying to understand. Even I have given up doing that a long, long time ago. Also, that politician who threatened you has plans of  running for a higher position, so I think you shouldn’t take his statements too personally. You’re just another scapegoat in his quest for power.

On the other hand, there are some of us who actually GET jokes when they are said. There are some of us who try to keep an open mind about stuff, some of us who appreciate anything and everything life has to offer. There are some of us who can hear comments such as yours and shrug it off like it was nothing, because that’s what it was. NOTHING.

On behalf of my some of my fellow Filipinos who have a healthy sense of humor, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused you. I hope someday you can visit our country and see that not all of us are tight-assed, highly strung and overly-sensitive people.



P.S. How are you and the Russians? Did they threaten you too?